Monday, October 30, 2006

Fight Fest Oct. 20

I traveled to Cleveland, Oh on October 20 for a fight on the Fight Fest card. I always have a good time at the Fight Fest shows. The promotor Corey Fischer always takes really good care of the athletes and this time was no exception. We weighed in Thursday evening and had to do an interview for the prodcast of this show. The weigh ins went smoothly and I am starting to enjoy doing interviews. It was great after making weight, having my friend Jeremy Zemach drive down from Michigan and going to dinner.
The day of a fight is always uneventful. I like to lay around the room and watch movies. Usually, Troy, Boondock Saints, and Gladiator.
At 5:30 we walked over to the arena for medical checks and the refs meeting. I was excited to see the biggest cage that I have ever fought in, not to mention the floor of it was a wrestling mat.
The fight started and we circled eachother. Hershberger threw 2 puches and I was able to corner him on our feet. He took a shot at my legs for the takedown, I was able to sprawl and spin behind him. From there, I threw and landed several punches to his head that forced him to tap out, moving my record to 9-1. If you live in Ohio and have cable, check your listings for Sports Time Ohio and the show Fight Fest. They have been airing it every couple days.
I currently have no fights scheduled, my managment is "officially" in talks with a very high up MMA organization and we hope to be able to make an announcment within the next 2 weeks.
I will make sure to keep everyone updated.


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