Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Brother, My Friend....

The problem with death, is that it is so final and too often comes with no warning. There is no writing on the wall. There is no list anywhere that you can check to see when your time is up. And, no matter your religion, your God won't tell you when He's bringing you home. This past week, I lost my 17 year old brother in law in a horrible swimming accident. Jered Pyles was everyones definition of a great kid. It is human nature in death, to make that person's life seem better than it was. To make them out to be a better person then they actually were. Save one. Jered was a kid that you didn't have to do that for. He was every bit as good, honest, friendly, faithful, talented, and pure as everyone spoke of this past week. His parents will never learn otherwise.
I could sit at this computer all day and write out everything that Jered had going for him. Why God should have taken a billion other people before him. However, I don't want to do that. I am not looking for more sympathy for this family...we are the lucky ones. We knew him best. We loved him and he loved us, as well as Alli.
I am not a very religous person, but the Pyles family makes me believe. I have a wife that I do not deserve, so I know there is someone watching down. His families stength is trully the most powerful thing I have ever seen and I don't think that anyone but God could have given them this type of power. My brother Matt flew in from San Diego to be with the family, my other brother Danny was there for me from the second I found out and it kills me to say this, but I think there were times that we were getting strength from Jered's parents. They seem so fixed on the good and there was a lot of it. I imagine that if I am able to raise my boy half as good as Jered turned out, I would be proud as well.
I find comfort in the belief that God brought Jered home to be with Him and it was obvious to all those who knew him why God wanted him. I cry for selfish reasons. I know that I am going to miss him till the day I die, but until the day I die, I will be thankful for knowing and loving him.
--Rest easy my brother, we finished it for you. Enjoy your new wings.


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