Monday, May 01, 2006

Week of the Fight

We are now less than a week away from the fight and I feel like I have fire in my veins. I haven't fought in almost 3 months and that might be too long for me to go without being put in a cage. I am still very disapointed that I was not able to fight this past weekend for the Reality Fighting light heavyweight title, however it is turning out good for me to fight on the Fight Fest card ( I am going to have a few family members there and 3 of my very best friends coming down from Michigan. Actually, only 1 of them is coming down from Michigan, Jeremy Zemach. The other two, Brian Wells is traveling all the way from Arizona and Rudy Elliott is coming from Texas!!! It's good to have friends !!! As a matter of fact, I heard that Rudy's father is considering making the trip, if it helps Mr. Elliott...this is my formal invitation to you, to come watch me fight. If you do come, I will throw in a free Team Salmon Fighting t-shirt. I grew up with these guys in Michigan and it is unbelivable how powerful friendship can be. Thank you guys for coming!!!
Other than that, my training camp for this fight has been everything it should be. My stand-up has improved greatly and I am now 100% comfortable fighting off my back. Always improving. My conditioning and strength are exactly where I want them and my weight is not an issue, which is good, because in Ohio I get to weigh-in the night before the fight, but I have to weigh-in the day of the fight and I can't be 10lbs heavier than my weight class or I'm off the card. I have been constantly working to improve my weaknesses, but my game plan is going to stay the same. I am a wrestler and want the fight on the ground. Once it gets there, which I feel is one can hang with me. My trainers have made sure of that. And, if you've been reading these blogs you know I have to thank them. Josh Williams, Rex Holman, Freddy Parish, and my brother Danny and you know I can't forget my manager Gary Marino.
So, here we go...Team Salmon is putting their undefeated record on the line May 6 in Youngstown, Ohio at the Chevrolet Centre. The Next Level.


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