Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Title Fight...

I have been given a shot at the XFO (x-fighting.tv) Light Heavyweight Title. This fight will take place on June 17 in Lakemoor, Ill. Just north of Chicago. I will be fighting Eric "Red" Schafer a 6-2 submission specialist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I have a lot of motivation for this fight. I have a lot of family between Chicago and Milwaukee, so it is a chance for them to see me fight, it is a title fight, but most of all I will be fighting a tough competitor.
On paper, Eric Schafer looks to be my toughest test so far. He is proven and we seem to have similar strengths. This has me training harder and smarter than ever. I have to put together and execute a very solid game plan for this fight. There is not as much room for error as there has been in past fights. It is no secret that I like to take fights to the ground and Schafer has proven he is very comfortable down there. It is a chance to test my skills against someone who has the ability to match them. I feel like this will be a good win for my carreer.
I would like to thank Monte Cox for thinking of me and getting ahold of my manager Gary, when the opportunity for this fight came up.
I hope that everyone had a chance to watch last weekends UFC "Hughes vs Gracie" ppv event. I was very impressed with Swick's win over Riggs, however I was also disapointed because I was looking forward to two strong boxers trading on their feet. I can say the same thing about the Vera fight. I was not surprised at all by the outcome of the Hughes vs. Gracie fight. There is no disputing the skills of Gracie, however Hughes seems to be on a different level from anyone else at 170lbs. I think Hughes vs. St. Pierre will be the fight of the year.
My wife Missy and I are now only 8 quick weeks away from the due date of Marcus Lee Salmon!
She is doing very well and the doctor assures us that everything is on track and the way it should be. I can't wait!!!


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