Monday, May 08, 2006

Fight Fest write up...

I am back home from Royce Gracie's Fight Fest show in Youngstown. It went almost exactly the way it should have. I woke up Friday morning (the day of weigh-ins) to find myself 8lbs over weight. I am very disapointed in myself for that, because the only excuse for it was a lack of focus and dicipline. 205 is not a tough weight for me to make, so the 8lbs. came off as quickly as 8lbs can. My wife made the trip up with me Friday and we went straight to weigh ins, after that we found a nice Italian resteraunt where we had dinner and lunch the next day. I woke up Saturday morning very excited to be fighting. First I had to go back to the arena to weigh in again. In Ohio, you cannot put on more than 10lbs the next day or your off the card. I weighed in at 211. Went back to the hotel and relaxed as much as I could. I am not real nervous the day of a fight, so I like to watch movies and rest.
I had to be at the arena at 5 for physicals and medical checks. When we get to the arena is about the time I get that crazy nervous/anxious feeling. Its a good thing Josh Williams and my brother Danny were there to tell me where to be and when to be there. I tend to stop paying attention to things about this time.
Once we got all that done with, I began my warm up. I like to push a real hard warm up so that I'm catching my second wind by the time I step in the cage. While I'm warming up, two of my best friends pop out from behind a curtin. Jeremy Zemach and Rudy Elliott, Rudy flew from Texas the day before and drove from Michigan with Jeremy. Another friend, Brian Wells was driving from Phoenix, but didn't make it in time. I am guessing he is lost in one of the Dakotas' about now.
Walking down the ramp to the cage is amazing, everyone is cheering, my nervousness disapears, and I finally get to compete. A good reward for months of hard training. Jeremy and Rudy actually walked down with me, which was cool. I guess that was their reward for making the trip.
They slammed the cage shut and my opponent and I meet in the middle. We were circling eachother for a short time when I decided to force a clinch. I took him down and landed in side mount. I was landing short elbows to his head, when he left his far arm a little too far out. I locked up a key lock and slowly applied preasure and he tapped out. The ref stopped it at 1:47, I helped him up, gave him a quick hug, got my hand raised, and went back to the dressing room. I love this sport so much. Everything about it is exciting.
The coolest part of the weekend though, was having so many friends and family there. Other than Rudy and Jeremy, my father in law Rick, my sister in law Tori, and my brother in law Jered brought some of his friends up. It is nice to have a cheering section.
After the fight we went out and it was great to catch up with Rudy and Jeremy. Not that Youngstown is a bad city, but I can't wait to be doing post fight celebrations in Las Vegas.
I have to thank my trainers Josh Williams, Rex Holman, and Danny for getting me ready for this fight. Of course, thank you to my in laws for making the drive and my wife Missy for coming up early to watch over me. An extra thank you to Josh for getting me on this card so quickly after the Reality fight fell through.
I have a very busy time coming up...I am fighting May 20, June 30, and August ? all in Atlantic City. August will be the Reality fight for the Light Heavyweight Title. I am taking July off of fighting to await my son's birth, due on July 25.


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