Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Title Fight...

I have been given a shot at the XFO (x-fighting.tv) Light Heavyweight Title. This fight will take place on June 17 in Lakemoor, Ill. Just north of Chicago. I will be fighting Eric "Red" Schafer a 6-2 submission specialist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I have a lot of motivation for this fight. I have a lot of family between Chicago and Milwaukee, so it is a chance for them to see me fight, it is a title fight, but most of all I will be fighting a tough competitor.
On paper, Eric Schafer looks to be my toughest test so far. He is proven and we seem to have similar strengths. This has me training harder and smarter than ever. I have to put together and execute a very solid game plan for this fight. There is not as much room for error as there has been in past fights. It is no secret that I like to take fights to the ground and Schafer has proven he is very comfortable down there. It is a chance to test my skills against someone who has the ability to match them. I feel like this will be a good win for my carreer.
I would like to thank Monte Cox for thinking of me and getting ahold of my manager Gary, when the opportunity for this fight came up.
I hope that everyone had a chance to watch last weekends UFC "Hughes vs Gracie" ppv event. I was very impressed with Swick's win over Riggs, however I was also disapointed because I was looking forward to two strong boxers trading on their feet. I can say the same thing about the Vera fight. I was not surprised at all by the outcome of the Hughes vs. Gracie fight. There is no disputing the skills of Gracie, however Hughes seems to be on a different level from anyone else at 170lbs. I think Hughes vs. St. Pierre will be the fight of the year.
My wife Missy and I are now only 8 quick weeks away from the due date of Marcus Lee Salmon!
She is doing very well and the doctor assures us that everything is on track and the way it should be. I can't wait!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I was asked tonight....

I was asked tonight, if I feel bad when I beat someone up in the cage? I was in a situation where I only had a couple seconds to answer, this was not someone that I was going to have time to explain competition too. My answer was an obvious, no I don't feel bad.
For those of you who don't know, this is a very noble sport/profession. Although I don't and never will feel bad for beating someone up (in the cage), I have never fought anyone that I have not respected. It takes a lot of courage to step in a cage with another human being that has been training for any given number of weeks or months to beat you. This is not a competition that you can take lightly or catch someone off guard. Everyone is ready.
....Close your eyes....picture yourself in a locker room, putting on gloves that only cover your knuckles enough to protect them, not what your going to be punching. You have the knowledge of all your strengths and weaknesses, but you know that this is a fight and can end up in any given number of situations. If you keep it standing...you could punch until you have nothing left and still have an opponent coming after you. You could score a takedown and pound him till the ref stops it, or he could tap you out with an arm bar. He could score a takedown and pound you till the ref stops it or until you are no longer concious. And either one of you could throw the best kick or punch of your life and end the fight in a matter of seconds. You have to believe that you can impose your game plan on your opponent, without any doubt. My point is...this is the most exciting sport on the planet. When you step in a cage to fight, there are no doubts, no second guessing, no problems, no thoughts at all. You get to be yourself and everything that you've been trained to do. You are in a situation where all eyes are on you. You can disapoint everyone you care about or you could bring an arena full of people to thier feet to cheer your name. And, after it is all over with... you can show class, or be a punk, bring the sport up, or tear it down, make fans, or doubters, hero or villian.
I pray that I always take the high rode. I have a wife, a family, friends, fans, and soon a son, and I do care what people think about me. I only want to fight for the competition, to make myself better, to impress people with my skill and words, and to test myself in the greatest arena since the gladiators....the cage.
I have said it before, I envite everyone to become a fan of fighting. There is nothing inhumane about it. It is competition at its best. Go to a local show, watch The Ultimate Fighter (on Spike tv), order a UFC on pay per view, and appreciate the skill and athletisism that these fighters have. Find someone you love, find someone you hate, either way...I promise you will love it.
Take it a step further and picture yourself in their shoes....to be in a cage facing every fear, joy, and human emotion between those two. It is the most unbelievable feeling in the world. I have known that I was made for this sport since day one and I can't imagine living without it and I can't imagine anyone watching it and not enjoying it.
The Next Level.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Fight Fest write up...

I am back home from Royce Gracie's Fight Fest show in Youngstown. It went almost exactly the way it should have. I woke up Friday morning (the day of weigh-ins) to find myself 8lbs over weight. I am very disapointed in myself for that, because the only excuse for it was a lack of focus and dicipline. 205 is not a tough weight for me to make, so the 8lbs. came off as quickly as 8lbs can. My wife made the trip up with me Friday and we went straight to weigh ins, after that we found a nice Italian resteraunt where we had dinner and lunch the next day. I woke up Saturday morning very excited to be fighting. First I had to go back to the arena to weigh in again. In Ohio, you cannot put on more than 10lbs the next day or your off the card. I weighed in at 211. Went back to the hotel and relaxed as much as I could. I am not real nervous the day of a fight, so I like to watch movies and rest.
I had to be at the arena at 5 for physicals and medical checks. When we get to the arena is about the time I get that crazy nervous/anxious feeling. Its a good thing Josh Williams and my brother Danny were there to tell me where to be and when to be there. I tend to stop paying attention to things about this time.
Once we got all that done with, I began my warm up. I like to push a real hard warm up so that I'm catching my second wind by the time I step in the cage. While I'm warming up, two of my best friends pop out from behind a curtin. Jeremy Zemach and Rudy Elliott, Rudy flew from Texas the day before and drove from Michigan with Jeremy. Another friend, Brian Wells was driving from Phoenix, but didn't make it in time. I am guessing he is lost in one of the Dakotas' about now.
Walking down the ramp to the cage is amazing, everyone is cheering, my nervousness disapears, and I finally get to compete. A good reward for months of hard training. Jeremy and Rudy actually walked down with me, which was cool. I guess that was their reward for making the trip.
They slammed the cage shut and my opponent and I meet in the middle. We were circling eachother for a short time when I decided to force a clinch. I took him down and landed in side mount. I was landing short elbows to his head, when he left his far arm a little too far out. I locked up a key lock and slowly applied preasure and he tapped out. The ref stopped it at 1:47, I helped him up, gave him a quick hug, got my hand raised, and went back to the dressing room. I love this sport so much. Everything about it is exciting.
The coolest part of the weekend though, was having so many friends and family there. Other than Rudy and Jeremy, my father in law Rick, my sister in law Tori, and my brother in law Jered brought some of his friends up. It is nice to have a cheering section.
After the fight we went out and it was great to catch up with Rudy and Jeremy. Not that Youngstown is a bad city, but I can't wait to be doing post fight celebrations in Las Vegas.
I have to thank my trainers Josh Williams, Rex Holman, and Danny for getting me ready for this fight. Of course, thank you to my in laws for making the drive and my wife Missy for coming up early to watch over me. An extra thank you to Josh for getting me on this card so quickly after the Reality fight fell through.
I have a very busy time coming up...I am fighting May 20, June 30, and August ? all in Atlantic City. August will be the Reality fight for the Light Heavyweight Title. I am taking July off of fighting to await my son's birth, due on July 25.

Fight Fest write up...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Week of the Fight

We are now less than a week away from the fight and I feel like I have fire in my veins. I haven't fought in almost 3 months and that might be too long for me to go without being put in a cage. I am still very disapointed that I was not able to fight this past weekend for the Reality Fighting light heavyweight title, however it is turning out good for me to fight on the Fight Fest card (www.chevroletcentre.com). I am going to have a few family members there and 3 of my very best friends coming down from Michigan. Actually, only 1 of them is coming down from Michigan, Jeremy Zemach. The other two, Brian Wells is traveling all the way from Arizona and Rudy Elliott is coming from Texas!!! It's good to have friends !!! As a matter of fact, I heard that Rudy's father is considering making the trip, if it helps Mr. Elliott...this is my formal invitation to you, to come watch me fight. If you do come, I will throw in a free Team Salmon Fighting t-shirt. I grew up with these guys in Michigan and it is unbelivable how powerful friendship can be. Thank you guys for coming!!!
Other than that, my training camp for this fight has been everything it should be. My stand-up has improved greatly and I am now 100% comfortable fighting off my back. Always improving. My conditioning and strength are exactly where I want them and my weight is not an issue, which is good, because in Ohio I get to weigh-in the night before the fight, but I have to weigh-in the day of the fight and I can't be 10lbs heavier than my weight class or I'm off the card. I have been constantly working to improve my weaknesses, but my game plan is going to stay the same. I am a wrestler and want the fight on the ground. Once it gets there, which I feel is inevitable...no one can hang with me. My trainers have made sure of that. And, if you've been reading these blogs you know I have to thank them. Josh Williams, Rex Holman, Freddy Parish, and my brother Danny and you know I can't forget my manager Gary Marino.
So, here we go...Team Salmon is putting their undefeated record on the line May 6 in Youngstown, Ohio at the Chevrolet Centre. The Next Level.