Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We are less than 2 weeks...

Alright, here we go....As you may have seen on the front page, I have had a lot going on. My beautiful wife Missy and I found out last tuesday, THAT I AM HAVING A BOY!!!!!!! Obviously, most guys that I know want their first born to be a boy, however this was very important to me. My best friend Marcus David Forster was born on July 25, 1977, sadly he passed away in October of 97 and I always said that if I had a boy, I would name him Marcus. Well, my babies due date is July 25, so I would love it if my boy could not only be named after Marcus, but share the same birthday. I was also very proud to tell Marcus' parents that I was having a boy that was going to be named Marcus Lee Salmon. I love Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forster and my relationship with them means a lot.
Don't mistake this for weakness. I have been training just as hard as I have for anyother fight. How could I take anyone lightly in a sport like this? However, my opponent has changed. Todd Going (the guy I was suppose to fight for the LHW Title got hurt), I was offered another 205lb opponent or I could fight for the Heavyweight Title (where another guy was hurt and had to back out), of course I said that I would fight for the Heavyweight Title. I have said from the beginning, I want to compete against the best competition, afterall this is a sport and I want to test myself in. So on Saturday, April 29 I finally get to step in the ring again and fight.
I will also be fighting in Atlantic City on May 20, in a fight that I requested to be the underdog. It is hard for me to go from being a nationally ranked wrestler to a fighter trying to just get noticed. Maybe I am being over confident, maybe I'm not, but I want to find out either way. Fighting feels natural to me and I want to test myself against the best. Nothing short of top is acceptable.
On a quick side note, I have a very funny cousin Kevin Ervin and he has a very funny website. www.kalspals.com. It does have a lot of family jokes, but also very funny comentary on life. Check it out if you have free time.
So here we go again, Team Salmon putting the undefeated record on the line. My confidence comes from my training partners and friends, Rex Holman, Josh Williams, Freddy Parish, and my brother Danny. The Next Level.


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