Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Reality Fighting Title Shot

On April 29 I will be fighting in the co-main event for the Reality Fighting Light Heavyweight Title Belt in Atlantic City, New Jersey against Todd Going (2-1). This is my first shot at a belt, so I am very excited. There is added enthusiasm for me in this fight, since my manager Gary Marino has been talking to me about Reality Fighting since I met him and he has a couple other guys on this same card. It will be nice to have a group of us there to help eachother out. Not to mention fighting outside of the midwest, to hopefully earn more fans that might not have heard about me. My training is going to remain the same...always improving my strengths and bringing up my weaknesses. With my main focus on mentally performing to the best of my abilities. My main problem in wrestling was my consistincy. I would beat a highly ranked wrestler one match and lose to a lesser wrestler the next. The problem was never physical, it was always my mental preperation. So I have spent a lot of time and energy on the mental aspect of fighting in order to be ready everytime out and give my best performance. With both the mental and physical training going so well right now, I couldn't be more excited for this fight. Even though it is not the UFC, it is where I belong right now. What more could I ask for, only going into my 4th professional fight.
I will continue to update my progress leading into this fight. Also, if you have free time and would like to come to Atlantic City to watch some great fighting, my manager has tickets and can be reached at

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big News Coming...

There is a lot happening at Team Salmon recently. Without a doubt I have surounded myself with the right people. I know you here me say that a lot, but it is true. At Team Salmon, we are striving to make it to the top of the UFC in as short amount of time as possible. With that goal in mind (and a 3-0 record), Gary is searching out the best possible fight for me and the next 3 are sure to be big ones. We are no longer focusing on the short term success, we are putting ourselves in a position to rise to the top. We are putting ourselves in a position to make a move into the UFC and then the top of the UFC. You have heard me say this before as well, this is a team effort, I could never do this without my wonderful wife Missy (who is over 5 months pregant now), my training partners Josh Williams, Rex Holman, Fred Parish, Dorian Price, Brian Keefe, and Danny Salmon, and my manager Gary Marino who has a cell phone bill with a comma. So please, if this is your first time reading this, tell your friends about If you are back again, keep checking. If you have never heard of fighting as sport, read this website and check out,,,, and, you will become a fan in no time. The next handful of months are going to be HUGE!!! Also, if you have free time, send me an email at and let me know what you think or if you would like me to air my opinion on anything else.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's going on...

Alright, the quick update....I have resumed training. Lifting heavy, submissions, and plan on starting and working on a lot of boxing within the next week. My manager Gary Marino is working on a deal for my next fight with Reality Fighting out of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Obviously, I will have the details posted as I get them.
I said when I started these blogs that I would talk about things other than fighting. So here it goes. I just had one of my best friends get in touch with me after 2 and a half years, Jeremy Zemach. The thought that comes to my mind the most is a lyric from a song called "wear sunscreen". Some of you may remember it as the comencement speech that they put to a beat. Anyway, the line in the song reads, "the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were younger." I was reminded of this fact when Jeremy called. Jeremy has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember. He was the friend that would always travel to U.S. Nationals in Vegas and spend the next couple days out there with me. Jeremy lives in Michigan and has made more trips down here to Ohio to visit me than anyone else I can think of. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like Jeremy in their life. So back to the meaning of the song lyric...last Sunday night when Jeremy got ahold of me, we fell into talking the same way we always did. It was like we never lost the 2 and a half years. The best part however was the stories we talked about. You don't realize how many memories you forget as time goes by and Jeremy gave some back to me, as I'm sure I gave some to him and some that I remembered, he remembered differently. I can count the number of people on one hand that I still keep in touch with from when I was younger, so I can't explain how happy I was when Jeremy found me. Thank You Jeremy. I guess I am putting this out there as a reminder to people...if you have an old friends phone number or address, get in touch with them. It will be worth it.