Monday, February 06, 2006

11 Days Out

Alright, I am now only 11 days out from my 3rd fight. King of the Cage: Redemption on the River in Moline, Ill. and on pay per veiw on March 10. Everything is right on training could not be going better, my conditioning is right where it needs to be, and my weight is under control. I am very excited for this fight as it is a great chance for me to show marked improvment over my last fight and it is a step up from my first 2 fights as far as the size of the venue and the number of quality fighters on the card. It is a sign that my carreer is heading in the direction that I intended it to when I started fighting. I feel that I have really put myself into a great situation as far as training and managment goes.
This is my favorite time leading up to a fight. Less than 2 weeks out, either the work is done or its not. If you havn't put in the work, there is no catching up. If you have done your work, you can relax and enjoy the competition. Thanks to my manager Gary Marino and my normal training partners Rex Holman, Josh Williams, Brian Keefe, my brother Danny, and new partner Fred Parrish I am enjoying the competition. There's really nothing left, but to keep my nutrition and supplementing correct and my mind focused on my best possible performance.

I hope that everyone was lucky enough to catch Saturday nights UFC pay per veiw, Couture vs. Liddell 3. I had to work, but my father in law Rick taped it for me. It would have been great to see a 5 round battle between those two, but Liddell's game plan and striking is just too good right now, Congradulations to him. I didn't want to believe it, but Randy Couture did retire. Retiring as one of the greatest fighters ever and a true legend while still competing is a great way to go out. He trully deserves every accolade he gets. I also really enjoyed to Diaz vs. Riggs fight and agreed with the judges that Riggs was the winner. I am now looking forward to Liddell vs. Babalu Sobral. Sobral has really distanced himself from the rest of the pack with a big win over VanArsdale. VanArsdale is a very tough fighter and Sobral made the win look somewhat easy. He deserves a title shot and is someone that could give Liddell a very tough fight.
I want to thank everyone who supports me and continues to check up at Team Salmon Fighting. My next post will be immediatly after my fight.


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