Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am now 1 month out from my next fight...a King of the Cage pay per view in Monline, Illinois. Everything is right on track. I have been working extremely hard on my conditioning and submissions. My boxing is coming along nicely, thanks to Brian Keefe and I have been keeping up on my weight training. I will continue to go hard everyday and 2 a days three times a week until I am about 2 weeks out, then I will start the peaking process. I am still in a unique situation being so new at this fight game, that there is just so much for me to learn, but I have to learn each technique at a pace where I will have the neccasary amount of time to drill it and be able to execute it in a competition. It would do me no good to be taught everything possible and not retain any of it. I think my background as a wrestler is helping me with the submissions and jiu jitsu, as all three are very similar and I am surprisingly starting to enjoy the boxing.
I am now waiting to find out who my opponent will be. I was scheduled to fight Chris Harrison, but he had to back out, because he was selected as an alternate for the 3rd season of The Ultimate Fighter. A legitimate reason and I wish him the best of luck. I will post my opponent in my schedule/results section as soon as I find out.
Now would also be a great time to thank my new sponsers. Full Contact Fighter* ( has been great to me. They took a chance on me and sent me gear to wear for my very first fight. They carry a great line of fight clothing, I was actually wearing thier t-shirts before I was even a fighter. I also have all my brothers, my father, and father in law wearing their clothes now. On their website they also have a huge fighter database, pictures, news, and pretty much anything else associated with fighting.
Spice Bar and Lounge* ( in downtown Columbus, Ohio is an upscale bar and resturant. The atmosphere is amazing as well as the food. They have great happy hour specials from 4-8 daily and a dance club on Friday and Saturday nights. I encourage everyone in the Columbus area or visiting Columbus to check it out at least once, you won't be disapointed.
*On a side note, I would not associate myself with any product or company that I did not believe in.
Most importantly, I have to thank my manager, Gary Marino. I was put in touch with Gary by Joel Gold from Full Contact Fighter. 5 days after my first fight, Gary flew me out to Boston to meet Dana White, on his own money no less! He took time out of his day to pick me up from the airport, put me up in a hotel, get me to and from the audition, and back to the airport. He did all that before I had even signed!! During the past 2 weeks, Gary has been in Italy on a family vacation, yet I get a phone call almost everyday to let me know that he is taking care of everything I might need for my upcoming fight. I have never met her, but I imagine his wife is absolutly wonderful to let him do all this. I have never had any doubt in my mind that I made the right decision to sign with Gary Marino.


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