Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year

I want to say Happy New Year to everyone and thank you if you are reading this and keeping up with Team Salmon. You might have noticed I redid my biography, I just didn't like the way that it read. I have also added captions to all my pictures, so you know where they are from or what is going on in them. We are still also going to be updating pictures on the front page, so keep checking back.
Please, keep checking Team Salmon as I am constantly updating all over the place. 2006 is going to be the year of The Fish. My confidence is as high as my goals this year. I will never over-extend myself, but I am going to keep moving forward in this fight game. I plan on taking it one step at a time, all the way to the top. As confident as I am, I realize I have a world of learning to do and I want my learning to take place in training and not in a cage. I hope that everyone is on board with me. If you know me, you had to see this carreer move coming. I have to say that I have the greatest family in the world. Not all of them feel that they can watch me fight, but I don't question their support. Everyone in my family is behind me 100%.
I swear, I think that this is the greatest sport in the world. I pray that I never do anything to bring disrespect to the sport of fighting or the athletes that compete in it. Naturally, in a sport like this some athletes take fights for personal reasons, I never want to do that. If I ever feel the need to challenge an athlete by his name, I hope that I challenge him because his skills as a fighter and not out of anger or disrespect. What a great sport, please follow me into the new year.
I hope that everyones holiday season was as good as mine. My brother Matt was able to come back into to town and I was able to convince my wife that Wisconsin is where she wanted to spend Christmas. We had a great Christmas Eve at my Grandparent's house in Milwaukee and then spent Christmas day on my other grandparent's farm, the greatest place on earth. Maybe some week, when things are slow I will write about "The Farm."
So, I started training this past Monday for my upcoming fight another, King of the Cage on February 17, a pay per view in Moline, Illinois. It is being held in a 10,000 seat arena, so needless to say I can't wait. The only thing I am not happy about is that it won't air on pay per view till March 10, but after the pay per view it moves to DVD to be sold in Best Buy and Walmart. Not bad for only being on my 3rd fight.
I am applying the lessons I learned in my last fight, to my training for my next fight. I have been working harder on my conditioning and submissions, although I enjoy the fighting it is always good if you can end it quickly. I have also stepped up my weight training this time around. I think I may have backed off the weights and started my diet too early which may have left me a touch flat. That is what I am most encouraged about from my last fight(other than the win), is that all my mistakes were correctable. I am working with the same people as my previous 2 fights, Josh Williams, Rex Holman, Brian Keefe, and my brother Danny. A very good training situation.


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As with wrestling, I see you improve in fighting every time we work out. Keep at it, bro, you are nothing short of impressive.

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